23 Jan 2016

Searching Between Readings

Hello storytellers!!

Today I want to tell you about a challenge that along with Naza and Iñigo from our Whatsapp group for readers.

As the title says, its about searching. 
Searching and find some objects, characters or scenes specifically in the pages of the books you are reading. 

The challenge has 3 levels. The easy one of 20 objects, the medium one with 20 more and the difficult one with 20 more making a total of 60 objects. 

Its your choice to find 20, 40 or the 60 items. 
You have to go crossing out the items you find and make a post when you finish it or when you clear a stage if you are doing 2 or the 3 of them. 

You can also mention where did you find them or add items of your own. (Thats on your own consideration

Now I will add the bases: 

1. Be a follower on the blog and leave a comment on this entry saying that you are participating. With the name and link of your blog. (With enough participants a list will be added in both blogs Naza's and here) 

2. You have till Dec. 31, 2016 to complete the challenge.

3. It is optional to make an entry about it but we would be grateful if you spread the word. 

4. Please, add the banner to your blog so we know you are participating. (English banner below the lists or Spanish banners on Naza's Post

List of Objects 

1. A diary.
2. An inanimate magical object.
3. A character using earphones. 
4. A character that likes rock. 
5. A scene of a character walking his/her pet. 
6. A wild animal. 
7. A character who draws. 
8. Someone that flies. 
9. Someone listening to classical music. 
10. A person on a leather jacket. 
11. A person whose singing is not very good. 
12. A classical novel. (The book itself or a reference to it) 
13. A propelling pencil. 
14. A scene where something breaks or spills.
15. Someone who is speaking on their phone. 
16. A calendar. 
17. A cup of chocolate or coffee. 
18. A character who goes camping. 
19. A brand internationally known. 
20. A singing bird. 

Medium  (Easy + 20) 
1. A character that whistle.
2. Someone or something that gets burned. 
3. A costume or a character on a costume.
4. A party or celebration.
5. A glass object.
6. A character whose name starts with "M".
7. A flower bouquet. 
8. A person who trips on with something or someone. 
9. Someone who gets punished/grounded by his/her parents/teacher/tutor. 
10. A racket.
11. A character that likes extreme sports.
12. A chess board. 
13. A pen. 
14. A necklace.
15. A character eating salad. 
16. A character that translates. 
17.  A birthday cake. 
18.  A red car.
19. A t-shirt of some rock-band. 
20.  A futbol/soccer ball. 

Difficult (Easy + Medium + 20) 
1. A love letter. 
2. A notebook. 
3. A character with your same profession/occupation. 
4. A crime scene. 
5. A scene where someone goes upstairs. 
6. A character with excessive make-up. 
7. An ax. 
8. A videogame. 
9. Someone who writes an e-mail. 
10. A contract. 
11. A magical wand. 
12. A tattoo. 
13. A bat. 
14. A blood stain. 
15. A piece of lingerie. 
16. A character that is naked. 
17. A creature of the Greek mythology. 
18. A clown. 
19. An owl. 
20. A parachute. 

Here I left the banner for anyone who was wondering... 

So tell me if you would like to join this challenge and/or the Whatsapp group. 
And don't forget to visit Naza and Iñigo on their blogs, just click on their names! 
That's all for today. 

Thanks for reading. 
I'll see you guys, in the next story.