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This blog opened on June,2014.

 I decided to open this blog because I really love reading and I needed a space to share my thoughts about the books I have enjoy reading. (Also because my family-friends are tired of listening to me telling them about books they have 0% interest) 

I love any kind of books. I read Classics, Horror, Romantic, any genre of book is appreciated, but the entries will be mostly Young-Adult. (But not exclusive, since I can write from any book I read even if its other genre) 

Books are a key to imagination. Books are the best friends for any moment in your life. (Your dog is also your best friend, but the blog is not about dogs) 

Reading can take you to lots of adventures, takes you to meet new people, you can find a new world or a whole new life. 

This blog is dedicated to all books, the fabulous stories we have been into and the ones we will be some day. 

Finally: What makes a blog its the people who read it, and I really love to hear what you have to say, so please feel free to leave a comment or send a message. 



I’m Veraccolacci or Vera. (I've had many people asking about how to pronounce it that I was in the need of  using the shortcut) 
I don’t really talk about me just because I have never been good on describing myself. 

So, I should say that I write the way I talk. And that I’m not a web designer (I can’t even draw) I’m just a petite surgeon wannabe (Yes, wannabe because I’m still on med school) So, really, If I couldn’t find freebies on the web or amazing designers who are responsible of the look of my blog, the design of this would just be the default simple one. 

Alright, then talking about me and the way I am… 

I LOVE READING. (Like if that wasn’t obvious)

 I’m someone who gets easily distracted (except if I’m reading, Thank God! Or else I would never be able to finish my sagas). I’m a tree hugger and animal lover. I get frustrated when something messes with environment or animals, I am that kind of person who can cry over a video of animal cruelty or about climate change. 

I’m sensible and temperamental. Sometimes I feel like falling apart, and I need my friends to be there with me (Where would I be without them) and I really let myself go when protecting and caring about my friends. 

I am an accident/illness magnet. I’m always sick, or I’m always involved in ANY kind of accident, so we can say I’m clumsy too. I like positive and motivational thinking, but I can also make a storm on a water glass. 

And last but not least, I’m a romantic. 

I’m in love with Middle-Age and Courtly love. 
I’m in love with love. 
I would love a warm movie night at home with my boyfriend or a long walk on the moonlight at the beach.

And I think that is pretty much all I can say about myself. 

Thank you for reading.