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Hello Everyone!!

I have seen so many pretty blogs. 
And I know many people who has a blog or wants to have a blog that are not professional designers.

So there's some awesome people who are actual designers and that they offer some freebies on their websites/blogs

So I decided to make this section for all people who want to have a pretty blog, but just can't make it by themselves (like me). 

 I'm just leaving this here. 

 Happy Blogging!

  • Lovely to CU: On her blog there are some freebies that are very cute!! I personally loved her Books Vector Art. You missed her Monthly Facebook Fan Freebie? NO PROBLEM. For a modest price ($3-$4 USD) you can get some Collections on her Shop.  She has also a shop for your own character. 

  • MeinLilaPark: She has A LOT of freebies divided on categories from Birthday to Summer. If you are looking for some tags or even printable activities this is your site. Since I was not able to get the Grab-A-Button code, You just have to click on the name.

  • Free Pretty Things: Here you can find a lot of Clip Art. They have a lot of collections where you can choose from. If you look for some Vintage, Retro, Etsy or even Scrapbook Art then you should visit them and take a look around. 

  • The Coffee Shop: Maybe you are looking for textures or frames. Or maybe you want to make your pictures look pretty? Then you should roll over this site. They have a little bit of everything. And also, look at the name... Who doesn't loves Coffee?  

  • Vintage Digital Stamps: If you love Vintage then this one is for you. They have an incredible collection of vintage freebies that I would totally use if they matched my theme. Maybe it fits yours or you love them that much that you want them even if they don't match.