Updated on April, 2017. 

Here are some guidelines that should help anyone to know what I read and to have a general idea if I may or not like your book. And may help if you want me to review one of your books. 

All requests and follow-ups should be sent to this email: veraccolacci.graal@gmail.com

If you would like to contact me in other ways in the sidebar there are my Social Media Links. 
Find me in NetGalley as: Veraccolacci Aswang 

 Because of the great amount of pending requests and the little time I have to write I am currently NOT accepting ANY book for review until further notice.  ( Edited on: April, 2017)

  • What will I read
      • Young-Adult 
      • Sci-fi 
      • Fantasy 
      • Paranormal 
      • Dystopia 
  • What will I consider reading
      • Mistery/Thrillers 
      • Romance 
      • Contemporary 

  • What will I NOT read:
      • Non-fiction 
      • Memoirs 
      • Biographies 
      • Historical 
      • Politics
      • ANY kind of religious book. 

  • I accept books that are self-published or indie published as long as it fits the previous genres. 

  • If you ask for a review of a book in the middle or final book of a saga I might need the previous ones. 
    • If you can't provide the previous books it will be added to my TBR and review will be added when possible. 

  •  I review e-Books. However if I am sent a physical copy, this will have priority. 
    • I read in Following formats: 
      • PDF
      • Kindle    **Kindle email available. 
      • ePub
      • TXT
      • RTF/Lit

  • The review will be submitted and provided a link depending on the length of the book and the books I have on my TBR. 

  • I include in my Review: Title, Original Title, Saga, Number of the Book in the Saga, Publisher, Date published, Cover image, Summary (generally from Goodreads unless you provide a different one to be published), My Opinion, Any Banner/Sticker if applies, Rating with SOME of the reasons on why it was rated that way. 
    • If needed, links may be added. 

  • If you need any specific information to appear, you will need to provide this information or links and inform of this on your emails.  

  • I do not give any major spoilers, a few ones can and will appear if its in the middle or end of a saga.  
    • Spoilers if appear will be posted after a warning. 

  • Reviews and rating may change if re-read. For good or bad. If this is the case I will post a new review with a link to the old one. 

  • When requesting for a review please send the following: Summary, Cover Image, Link to your book on Goodreads, Date published. 

  • The review will be posted on the blog. With a shorter review on: Goodreads, Lectorati and Amazon. 
    • If your book doesn't features on Lectorati, I will be sending the information for it to appear. 
    • If you would like the review to appear in some specific site, provide the link to this site and mention it on your email. 

  • I am CURRENTLY NOT  participating on Blog Tours 
    • In the future I might as long as I'm given enough time to read your book and it fits on the previous genres. 

  • I reserve the right to decline any book if I think that I might not enjoy it or if it doesn't fits on the previous criteria. 

  • All policies can be changed according to the needs. 

Disclaimer: I might have been offered a Review Copy/ARC. If that is the case, it will be stated on the Review. All my reviews are honest including the ones I have received a copy. The fact of getting the copy doesn't change my opinion of the book as I stated it on the Review. 
I don't accept any monetary compensation for my Reviews. 
**I am by no means a professional reviewer, reviews are just my opinion.**